Vivosaur Island

ガラギャオス島 Garagyaos Island

Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Vivosaur Island (Japanese: ガラギャオス島 Garagyaos Island) is the setting of the story in Fossil Fighters, operated by the Richmond Foundation. Mr. Richmond paid for it to turn it into the great island it is today, an island dedicated to the Vivosaurs all fossil fighters know and love. The island is completely covered in dig sites rich in fossils of all sorts of different prehistoric dinosaurs. The shape of the island itself resembles that of a large theropod head, with the contours and elevations perfectly fitting the lines of grooves of the skull. Because of this, the island has many contradicting climates, having everything from active volcanoes to calm and peaceful meadows of green grasses. In Vivosaur Town, the main port city of the island where everything takes place, many strange things happen that will take the hero on a managery of quests and missions that will shake the planet to it's core!