Hey howdy hey, my fellow Fossil Fighters. My name is Drake Blitz, and I need your help. I am working on some ideas for new vivosaurs, as well as some old vivosaurs with new designs, should they ever make a Fossil Fighters game for the Switch. I want you guys and gals to send me some fan art of these following new creatures;

1. Titanoboa(as the Midguard Serpent from Norse mythology)(T-Boa)

2. Irritator(Irator)

3. Mei(Mi)

4. Liopleurodon(Lio)

5. Kosmoceratops(Kosmo)

6. Erlikosaurus(Erlo)

7. Rhamphorhynchus(Rhampho)

8. Sarcosuchus(Sarco)

I already have been drawing out Megalodon(M-Don), Paluxysaurus(Paluxy), Yanchuanosaurus(Yangchu), Ichthyostega(I-Stega), and Masiakasaurus(Masi). I have also been drawing out new designs for old vivosaurs, such as Shuno, Acro, and Toba. Link your fan art to this blog and I will draw them out.