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  • I live in Too much personal information. What? Do you honestly expect me to say something like that?
  • My occupation is Founder of the Fossil Fighters Fan Fic Wiki. Also an Admin on the Fossil Fighters Wiki.
  • I am Male
  • Dimetrodongold

    Just because I felt like doing this, I'm going to leave these two images here.

    In case you couldn't tell, first one is Shellder combined with Doduo, Magnemite, Rhyhorn, Muk, Gyarados, Seel, Ekans and Onix in that order.

    The second image contains Magikarp combined with Gyarados, and vice-versa.

    Don't ask me why I made this blog post. I just felt like it.

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  • Dimetrodongold

    Uh, I currently do not have Fossil Fighters: Frontiers. I may not be able to make any edits on this Wiki for a while. I've just been trying to avoid spoilers about the game and this is obviously going to contain a lot of information on it. I generally like to play games without knowing too much about them and I don't know enough to be able to make any edits here, at least on articles relating to Fossil Fighters: Frontiers. I don't feel like there's many of the articles for the first two games that could be improved. I may not be able to get it until December 2015 or April 2016 That's pretty much all I wanted to say. (Insert placeholder text here)

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  • Dimetrodongold

    The title. I haven't seen more than one person on the Chat since March, and I rarely see anyone there. You'd think there would be a lot more people there what with the release of Fossil Fighters: Frontiers.

    P.S I figured out how to reach the old/classic/source Editor about two weeks ago. I thought it was removed from Wikia.

    P.P.S I have also noticed a lack of general activity on this Wiki.

    P.P.P.S I also realised that to make links you put words in brackets like this while using the old/classic/source Editor.

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  • Dimetrodongold

    How did-

    October 31, 2013 by Dimetrodongold

    Somehow I forgot how to access "Admin Tools." I think the last time I ever used them was last year's October. ... Well, it's not that big of as deal. Wait, it kind of is. Could anybody please remind me how?

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  • Dimetrodongold


    October 17, 2013 by Dimetrodongold

    Alright, I finally fixed the wiki-fi on my Nintendo Dsi! And it was so easy! I won't go into too much detail about how I did it... but basically I went to the Webfor nostalgia's sake. I went to the settings to try fixing it. I tried going to Google to make sure it was working. Yes, it was! Now I can do Multiplayer stuff (for once!)... Just one thing- No, two things.

    1: ​I will NOT accept battles for the original Fossil Fighters game. Only Champions.

    2: ​I can't do Fossil Battles on Sundays and Monday's. Why? Personal stuff. Not telling.

    There. That's it. Just pointing that out there.

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