#001: T-Rex

ティラノ Tyranno



Fire Medal Fire






Mesozoic Cretaceous


42 ft. - 12.8 m. (Large)




Canada, USA


Attack (Fossil Fighters)
Close-Range (Champions)

T-Rex (Japanese: ティラノ Tyranno) is a Fire-Element Vivosaur that was introduced in Fossil Fighters. It Super Evolves into T-Rex Lord.

Vivosaur Information

#001 Fire Medal T-Rex


Fossil Fighters

While the most powerful of all Attack-class vivosaurs, T-Rex cannot be placed in the SZ without severely hindering allies' abilities.

Fossil Fighters Champions

While the most powerful of all Close-Range vivosaurs, T-Rex cannot be placed in the SZ without severely hindering the abilities of allies. 

Fossil Museum/Fossilary

Powerful jaws and big teeth meant bone-shearing power.

Notable Owners: Saurhead

Game Locations

Game Location
Fossil Fighters Parchment Desert (After 4th Oasis)
Fossil Fighters: Champions Mt. Krakanak (Crater)

Stats and Skills (Max Rank)


LP 1 600
Attack 1 99
Defense 1 50
Accuracy 1 43
Evasion 1 18

Skills Skill 1 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Tyrant's Roar 100 100 Special: Attack both AZ and SZ
Scare Tactics 166 200 Scare Scare
Success rate: 50%
Frightful Assault 189 300 Scare Super Scare
Success rate: 100%
Law of the Jungle --- 200 Recover using ally LP
Success rate: 100%
Tyrant's Breath 164 280 Team Skill: Attack both AZ and SZ

Support Effects 1 Own AZ

Attack 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%
Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%
Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%
Evasion 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%

LP 2 600
Attack 2 99
Defense 2 50
Accuracy 2 43
Evasion 2 12

Skills Skill 2 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Tyrant's Roar 100 100 Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously
Scare Tactics 166 200 Scare: 40% Scare
Frightful Assault 189 300 Scare: 80% Super Scare
Law of the Jungle --- 50 Recover using ally LP
Tyrant's Breath 164 280 Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously

Support Effects 2 Own AZ
S Attack 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%
S Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%
S Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%
S Evasion 1 Negative Arrow 1 30%

Super Revival forms


Super Revive

Silver Head Fossil Silver Body Fossil Silver Arm Fossil Silver Leg Fossil Gold Fossil
T-Rex-Head T-Rex-Body T-Rex-Arms T-Rex-Legs T-Rex Lord Revive

Silver Head Fossil

Silver Body Fossil

Silver Arms Fossil

Silver Legs Fossil

Golden Fossil

Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus
Super Life Points 620 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 620 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 620 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 620 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 700 Positive Arrow 1 100
Super Attack 104 Positive Arrow 1 5 Super Attack 99 Super Attack 109 Positive Arrow 1 10 Super Attack 99 Super Attack 99 Positive Arrow 1 5
Super Defense 50 Super Defense 60 Positive Arrow 1 10 Super Defense 50 Super Defense 55 Positive Arrow 1 5 Super Defense 50 Positive Arrow 1 5
Super Accuracy 48 Positive Arrow 1 5 Super Accuracy 43 Super Accuracy 43 Super Accuracy 43

Super Accuracy 40 Positive Arrow 1 5

Super Evasion 12

Super Evasion 12

Super Evasion 12

Super Evasion 17 Positive Arrow 1 5

Super Evasion 9 Positive Arrow 1 5

Other appearances

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

  • T-Rex makes an appearance as a spirit. He is a primary attack-type spirit. The battle with the spirit involves a fight against a giant Yoshi. In the World of Light, this spirit is located in the Dark Realm (Legend Of Zelda area).


  • The meaning of T-Rex's species name, Tyrannosaurus—or "tyrant lizard" in Latin—inspired the designer to go in a "rock n' roll" direction, likely explaining its fiery mohawk.[1]
  • When Super Revived with a Silver Arm Fossil, T-Rex has the highest Attack stat of any Vivosaur at 109.
  • T-Rex is one of only a few Vivosaurs with two attacks that hit both the AZ and SZ.
  • One T-Rex (Legs) Fossil Rock can be obtained from the favorite dinosaur option at the beginning of Fossil Fighters.
  • In Fossil Fighters: Champions, there are four different types of T-Rexes: T-Rex, T-Rex Lord, B-Rex, and Z-Rex.
  • In both games, T-Rex along with other tyrannosaurid Vivosaurs are the first types of dinosaur to appear in your holder/bank; T-Rex itself taking its place as #001. Ironically, T-Rex is one of the last Vivosaurs found in both games.
  • While T-Rex's Support Effects hamper ally efforts with a 30% drop to all stats, its alternative forms, B-Rex and Z-Rex, both have beneficial Support Effects for their allies.
  • Another vivosaur found originally in Fossil Fighters, Guan (DS), can transform into T-Rex using Great Unmasking.



  1. The Making of Fossil Fighters - Developer Interviews. Nintendo's official Fossil Fighters site. Retrieved 11 April 2014.

Fossil Fighters

Guhlith L arrow T-Rex R arrow Daspleto

Fossil Fighters Champions

Dynal L arrow T-Rex R arrow T-Rex Lord

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