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Giga Raja (Super Evolver)

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Mapo King (Super Evolver)

Super Evolvers are introduced in Fossil Fighters: Champions and are only available in that game. They are obtained by using a Miraculous Fossil Rock on certain Vivosaurs. There is a total of 30 Super Evolvers.


Super Evolvers are some of the most powerful Vivosaurs in Fossil Fighters: Champions. One of the first chances the player may have to get a Super Evolver is when Minister Pomposa rewards him or her with a Miraculous Fossil Rock after returning Princess Pooch to him. Applying a Wondrous Fossil Rock to a Super Evolver will revert them back to their original Vivosaur form, albeit with the color scheme corresponding to the particular Silver Fossil. There are certain counterparts with each Super Evolver besides Buldor and Kaishin.

All Super Evolvers

  1. T-Rex Lord
  2. Giga Allo
  3. Giga Spinax
  4. V-Ripper
  5. Despino
  6. O-Raptor Fiend
  7. Ryden
  8. Omias
  9. Barbaros
  10. Dydomio
  11. Galgaron
  12. Zanth
  13. Hibigon
  14. Papygon
  15. Heracles
  16. Buldor
  17. Dimorph Ace
  18. Momo
  19. Kaishin
  20. Marple
  21. Teffla
  22. Mapo King
  23. Giga Raja
  24. Equinas
  25. Shenliu
  26. Bulgon
  27. Blitzigon
  28. Nycto Ace
  29. Lugmos
  30. Geneos