Rivet Ravine

ロコットけいこく Rockot Valley

Rivet Ravine
The entrance to Rivet Ravine.


Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Rivet Ravine (Japanese: ロコットけいこく Rockot Valley) is a canyon Dig Site and is home to a mine cart shaft. Only Level 3 Fighters and up are allowed access. This site introduces the character McJunker. There are many different types of Vivosaurs that can be found and acquired here. However, for the biggest dig site, it comes out as the shortest chapter. It undoubtedly has fossils of the most Vivosaurs, with a total of 32.

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Secret areas

Mole's Secret Tunnel is home to Lemo and O'mel, the Mole Brothers. This tunnel can be found in Tunnel 4, in an enclosure. To progress, you must successfully complete the tasks, such as answering questions true or false, or opening chests in the right order. The Bonus Areas are two areas in the main area that are only accessible via the bridges that go down, not up, when making your way to the tunnels. They hide impressive Fossil Rocks. A Pay-To-Dig site is in Tunnel 1 and costs 4000G for each visit.


Main Site

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
007 Alectro mini medal Alectro Water Water Medal
012 Megalo mini medal Megalo Neutral Neutral Medal
036 Sucho mini medal Sucho* Water Water Medal
081 Coatlus mini medal Coatlus Air Air Medal

Bonus Area 1

Bonus Area 1 can be accessed after reaching Fighter Level 5.

# Image Vivosaur Element
006 Siamo mini medal Siamo Fire Fire Medal
011 Metria mini medal Metria Air Air Medal
061 Hypsi mini medal Hypsi Air Air Medal
071 Goyo mini medal Goyo Air Air Medal

Bonus Area 2

# Image Vivosaur Element
005 Alio mini medal Alio Water Water Medal
038 Cerato mini medal Cerato Air Air Medal
063 Igua mini medal Igua Air Air Medal
065 Lambeo mini medal Lambeo Fire Fire Medal


An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
012 Megalo Medal Megalo Neutral Neutral Medal
015 Giganto mini medal Giganto* Fire Fire Medal
062 Nasaur mini medal Nasaur Water Water Medal
070 Stygi mini medal Stygi Fire Fire Medal
081 Coatlus mini medal Coatlus Air Air Medal
092 Elasmoth mini medal Elasmoth Air Air Medal

Tunnel 5

Tunnel 5 can be accessed after fixing McJunker's broken mine cart.

# Image Vivosaur Element
028 U-Raptor mini medal U-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
064 Ourano mini medal Ourano Earth Earth Medal

Pay-to-dig Site

The Rivet Ravine Pay-to-Dig Site can be accessed after reaching Fighter Level 7.

# Image Vivosaur Element
018 Acro mini medal Acro Earth Earth Medal
035 Angato mini medal Angato Water Water Medal
068 Paraloph mini medal Paraloph Air Air Medal
078 Pachrino mini medal Pachrino Earth Earth Medal
083 Dimorph mini medal Dimorph Fire Fire Medal

Moles' Secret Tunnels

The Moles' Secret Tunnels can be accessed after becoming a Master Fighter.

# Image Vivosaur Element
043 Zino mini medal Zino Fire Fire Medal
044 Brachio mini medal Brachio Neutral Neutral Medal
056 Nodo mini medal Nodo Air Air Medal
073 Tricera mini medal Tricera Water Water Medal
099 Megath mini medal Megath Air Air Medal
100 Chelon mini medal Chelon Water Water Medal


In the tunnels, you meet McJunker. He explains that his mine car, which leads to new fossils, has been trashed. You must go after his pliers and his wrench, using your upgraded sonar. However, BB soldiers appear whenever you dig one up. Once the tools are found, MCJunker requires you to clean his rusted tools. After successfully cleaning them he will ask you to go to Holt in the Junk Depot. Use a V-Raptor to defeat him and obtain the electrominite. Bring it back to McJunker, who fixes the car. In Tunnel 5, though, the BB Bandits are waiting. Battle Snivels and Rex in a row to beat the chapter and obtain the second tacky idol.


  • Rivet Ravine contains the fossils of 32 vivosaurs, the most of any Dig Site.
  • Like Rainbow Canyon, Rivet Ravine has at least one vivosaur of each Element.
  • Blambeau can be found in Tunnel 2. The Hero is rewarded with 10,000G for capturing him.

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