Rallying Cry
Goyle Rallying Cry
Goyle using Rallying Cry

Skill Effect:

Status recovery


30 FP

Rallying Cry is a skill in Fossil Fighters: Champions that cures one chosen ally of all negative status effects. It costs 30 FP and does not remove positive status effects such as Harden, Enflame, and Quicken.

Vivosaurs that can use Rallying Cry

# Image Vivosaur Element
011 Metria Medal FFC Metria Air Air Medal
025 Tro Medal FFC Tro Neutral Neutral Medal
028 U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
051 Stego Medal FFC Stego Air Air Medal
051 Barbaros Medal FFC Barbaros Air Air Medal
054 Kentro Medal FFC Kentro Air Air Medal
058 Saichan Medal FFC Saichan Fire Fire Medal
059 Goyle Medal FFC Goyle Air Air Medal
075 Einio Medal FFC Einio Fire Fire Medal
092 Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth Air Air Medal
111 Nigo Medal FFC Nigo Earth Earth Medal
116 Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus Fire Fire Medal
127 Machai Medal FFC Machai Fire Fire Medal
133 Ceros Medal FFC Ceros Air Air Medal
134 Synthos Medal FFC Synthos Earth Earth Medal
137 Edapho Medal FFC Edapho Air Air Medal
137 Geneos Medal FFC Geneos Air Air Medal
143 Parapu Medal FFC Parapu Water Water Medal