Mr. Richmond
Richmond infobox
Japanese: リッチモンド
Ricchimondo (Richmond)
Debut: Fossil Fighters
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Relatives: Rosie Richmond (Granddaughter)
Occupation: Owner of Vivosaur Island
Affiliation: Richmond Foundation
Signature Vivosaur: None

Mr. Richmond is Rosie Richmond's grandfather and the owner of Vivosaur Island. He paid for it using his own money, and is by far the most respected person on the island, a respect that could be rivaled only by Dr. Diggins. He is also very wise and a great person to talk to if the Hero is in need of help. He lives in the Richmond Building which only a select few can enter. The player has access to this building due to the fact that he saved Rosie. After the player beats the game, he/she can talk to him to rebattle Guhnash's three brains.