Japanese: ガラクータ親方 Garakūta Master
Debut: Fossil Fighters
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Yellow
Eye Color: unknown
Species: Human
Relatives: Holt (apprentice)
Occupation: Fossil Fighter
Affiliation: Richmond Foundation
Signature Vivosaur: Daspleto mini medal Daspleto

McJunker is a large man who owns the Junk Depot, the Pay-To-Dig site in Greenhorn Plains, as well as Tunnel #5 and presumably Tunnel #1 in Rivet Ravine.


McJunker seems to be rather gruff, yet good-natured. His ire can be provoked if anyone messes with his mine cars, which he makes sure are in good condition. It is believed that he actually loves his mine cars, as he tells his apprentice Holt that love is essential for a mine car repair specialist such as himself. In fact, he has been seen kissing and making crooning remarks to the machines, confirming that he feels genuine affection for them.


McJunker is first encountered in Rivet Ravine, where he charges the hero with finding his tools (the mega-wrench and multipurpose pliers) so he can fix his broken mine cars. When the hero finds the tools, while defeating two BB Bandits in the process, McJunker then requests that he clean the rust off of the tools, and then retrieving an Electrominite from Holt in the Junk Depot. Once Holt is beaten and the Electrominite is handed over, McJunker allows the hero to access his private dig site (Tunnel #5), where the B.B. Bandit Trio is encountered and the second of the four tacky idols is excavated.

McJunker is then fought as the Level Master for the subsequent Level-Up Battle. He uses a combination of Cerato, Kentro, and Stygi.

After beating the main story, McJunker resides in the Junk Depot, where he can be challenged to a Fossil Battle. His team consists of Daspleto, Saichan, and Salto, and he specializes in defensive strategies. All of his Vivosaurs have rather high Defense, and he will commonly use Harden on his AZ vivosaur.