A screenshot of the Fossil Fighters: Champions manga, as seen on the official Japanese website

There have been a variety of manga based on the Fossil Fighters series. There has been one tie-in for each game and several spin-offs.

List of Manga

Fossil Fighters

A tie-in manga series was created for the original Fossil Fighters game and partially released on the official website. The plot starts with a new Fossil Fighter named Hunter fighting his way to be a Master Fossil Fighter. However, before he can reach his goal, he must face various challenges on his way. This is the only manga to receive any form of official English translation.

  • The first 15 chapters in English can be found here.
    • All 30 manga chapters can be found here. (Japanese only)

Fossil Fighters: Champions

Fossil Fighters: Champions has a 16-page manga available from the Japanese website. It takes place when Dino and Todd first arrive on Ribular Island.

  • The Champions manga is available click here. (Japanese only)

Fossil Fighters: Frontier

A two volume manga series was released in CoroCoro magazine to promote the release of Fossil Fighters: Frontier.[1] It follows Jura, the male protagonist from Frontier. Unlike the previous tie-in manga, this series is not a direct adaptation of the game's story. It is noteworthy for an increased level of violence compared to its source material.

Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles

Main article: Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles

Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles is a spin-off two volume manga series created by Makoto Hijioka. It follows an original protagonist, Favre, and his many adventures on Vivosaur Island with his friend Marco. Favre makes a cameo in Fossil Fighters: Champions as an icon.

Ryne's Great Adventure!!

Main article: Ryne's Great Adventure!!

Ryne's Great Adventure!! is the second spin-off manga series by Makoto Hijioka, this time based off of Fossil Fighters: Champions. It follows Ryne (also known as Line) and his adventures before and after joining the BB Brigade. This series is noteworthy as Ryne makes an appearance in Champions through Bonus Content and Makoto Hijioka is given a special thanks in the credits.


Two minor chapters based off of Fossil Fighters: Champions were released in CoroCoro magazine to promote the game. They are not based off of any specific events from the game and are unrelated to the main Champions manga.


Fossil Fighters

Chapter 1 Fossilfightersmanga(1).jpg Chapter 2 Fossilfightersmanga(2).jpg Chapter 3 Fossilfightersmanga(3).jpg

Chapter 4 Fossilfightersmanga(4).jpg Chapter 5 Fossilfightersmanga(5).jpg Chapter 6 Fossilfightersmanga(6).jpg

Chapter 7 Fossilfightersmanga(7).jpg Chapter 8 Fossilfightersmanga(8).jpg Chapter 9 Fossilfightersmanga(9).jpg

Chapter 10 Fossilfightersmanga(10).jpg Chapter 11 Fossilfightersmanga(11).jpg Chapter 12 Fossilfightersmanga(12).jpg

Chapter 13 Fossilfightersmanga(13).jpg Chapter 14 Fossilfightersmanga(14).jpg Chapter 15 Fossilfightersmanga(15).jpg

Chapter 16 Fossilfightersmanga(16).jpg Chapter 17 Fossilfightersmanga(17).jpg Chapter 18 Fossilfightersmanga(18).jpg

Chapter 19 Fossilfightersmanga(19).jpg Chapter 20 Fossilfightersmanga(20).jpg Chapter 21 Fossilfightersmanga(21).jpg

Chapter 22 Fossilfightersmanga(22).jpg Chapter 23 Fossilfightersmanga(23).jpg Chapter 24 Fossilfightersmanga(24).jpg

Chapter 25 Fossilfightersmanga(25).jpg Chapter 26 Fossilfightersmanga(26).jpg Chapter 27 Fossilfightersmanga(27).jpg

Chapter 28 Fossilfightersmanga(28).jpg Chapter 29 Fossilfightersmanga(29).jpg Chapter 30 Fossilfightersmanga(30).jpg

Fossil Fighters: Champions

Ryne's Great Adventure!!

Ryne's Great Adventure 1.jpg Ryne's Great Adventure 2.jpg YoungRyne1.png YoungRyne2.png

Favre's Dinosaur Chronicles

Favre Jacket 1.jpg Favre Jacket 2.png FD-009Blank.png FD-013Blank.png FD-031CBlank.png FD-036CBlank.png

Fossil Fighters: Frontier


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