Prayer of ancient times

Aopteryx uses Life Drain, an LP-thieving skill.

Life Points, commonly abbreviated as LP, is one of the five stats that a Vivosaur has. It determines how much damage a Vivosaur can take before being defeated. Larger Vivosaurs, such as Seismo, have more LP than smaller Vivosaurs such as Aopteryx. (Seismo, in fact, is one of the Vivosaurs with the most LP.)

LP can be regained through healing skills such as Law of the Jungle or Life Charge. Vivosaurs with the Auto LP Recovery ability will recover some LP at the beginning of their turn.

Healing skills like Law of the Jungle and Sacrifice take LP from Vivosaurs to heal allies. Both skills that damage to restore LP and skills that heal without siphoning exist.

Some Vivosaurs, such as Breme, Nycto Ace, and Aopteryx can also regain LP with LP-theiving skills.

Attack 2 Attack
Defense 2 Defense
Accuracy 2 Accuracy
Evasion 2 Speed