Japanese: ホルト
Horuto (Holt)
Debut: Fossil Fighters
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Fossil Fighter
Affiliation: Richmond Foundation
Signature Vivosaur: Tricera mini medal Tricera
Holt is a Fighter who appears in Fossil Fighters. He is McJunker's apprentice and a friend of the Hero.


The Hero meets Holt at the Trial Dig Site, where Holt challenges him to a practice battle with two vivosaurs. Soon after, they run into each other at Greenhorn Plains, and Holt teaches the Hero about Dig Site obstacles.

After some time passes, the player encounters him again, this time as McJunker's apprentice. He is fought at the Junk Depot and again during the the preliminary battle for the Hero's third Level-Up Battle.

Once the main story has been completed, the Hero can battle Holt in the innermost room of the crashed starship on the Secret Island.

In the Fossil Fighters manga

In the official manga posted on the North American Fossil Fighters website[1], Holt is one of the main characters, accompanying Hunter and Rosie throughout the story. It is implied that Rosie may have some romantic feelings towards him. He claims to have a total of 101 V-Raptor, but is only seen using four of them: Odin, Thor, Steve, and an unnamed one.


Trial Dig Site - Vivosaur Island: Holt challenges the Hero to his first battle since becoming a Fighter.

Air Medal Igua

Air Medal V-Raptor
Igua Battle FF V-Raptor Battle FF

Rank 1 Rank 1

LP 1 35

Attack 1 18

Defense 1 7

Accuracy 1 41

Evasion 1 11

Rank 1 Rank 1

LP 1 31

Attack 1 14

Defense 1 4

Accuracy 1 45

Evasion 1 22

Junk Depot - Vivosaur Island: The Hero must defeat Holt in a battle to obtain the Electrominite needed to power McJunker's broken mine car. V-Raptor must be used in this battle to prove that the Hero can be trusted with the Electrominite - according to Holt, V-Raptors hate liars.

Air Medal Elasmoth

Water Medal Tricera
Elasmoth Battle FF Tricera Battle FF

Rank 1 Rank 2

LP 1 75

Attack 1 20

Defense 1 9

Accuracy 1 40

Evasion 1 17

Rank 1 Rank 2

LP 1 117

Attack 1 22

Defense 1 11

Accuracy 1 35

Evasion 1 12

Fossil Stadium - Vivosaur Island: The Hero battles Holt in the preliminary round of the Level 3 Level-Up Battle.

Water Medal Tricera

Earth Medal Pachy Air Medal Coatlus
Tricera Battle FF Pachy Battle FF Coatlus Battle FF

Rank 1 Rank 3

LP 1 125

Attack 1 25

Defense 1 14

Accuracy 1 35

Evasion 1 13

Rank 1 Rank 2

LP 1 70

Attack 1 14

Defense 1 7

Accuracy 1 37

Evasion 1 15

Rank 1 Rank 2

LP 1 72

Attack 1 19

Defense 1 5

Accuracy 1 38

Evasion 1 18

Secret Island: Postgame, Holt can be found exploring the crashed starship now that the Secret Island has been opened to the public. Since they've got the time, he asks the Hero for a quick battle.

Water Medal Proto

Neutral Medal Penta Water Medal Tricera
Proto Battle FF Penta Battle FF Tricera Battle FF

Rank 1 Rank 12

LP 1 220

Attack 1 41

Defense 1 11

Accuracy 1 40

Evasion 1 25

Rank 1 Rank 12

LP 1 460

Attack 1 70

Defense 1 32

Accuracy 1 40

Evasion 1 23

Rank 1 Rank 12

LP 1 500

Attack 1 72

Defense 1 36

Accuracy 1 45

Evasion 1 21


  • In the official manga, Holt is a big fan of V-Raptor, even possessing photographs in a portfolio and a box of "collectibles."
    • While Fossil Fighters would not allow the player to own more than one of a certain vivosaur, the number of V-Raptor he claims to have (101) happens to correspond to the addition of the Bank system in Fossil Fighters: Champions. Within the bank, a Fighter may have 100 extra vivosaurs of any kind, and including the one that may exist in the holder, it is possible to have a maximum of 101 of the same vivosaur.
    • In the official manga, Holt's V-Raptor is seen using Cyclonic Breath, a skill it cannot use in the games. [citation needed]



  1. Now defunct