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Frozen Wastes is the [which?] unlockable Dig Site in Fossil Fighters: Frontier and the third available location in Fossil Park Europe. It is a frigid mountainous region devoid of any plant life save a few evergreen trees. A small network of ice caverns runs beneath the mountains. The area features four Challenge Routes and five Service Stations. The Hero is granted access to Frozen Wastes after going to Fossil Park Europe to find Cosmonium.

Story Significance

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  • Arctic Cave
  • Barren Tunnel
  • Dinomaw Pass
  • Frigid Bridge
  • Frostbite Field
  • Iceberg Way
  • Northern Tower
  • Polar Lake Road
  • Snowslide Path
  • White Peak Cavern

Challenge Routes

Frozen Wastes features four Challenge Routes of varying difficulty.

Snowslide Path (★★)

Fossil Eater icon FFF Fossil Eaters: Sucho, Hypsi

Snowslide Path is a two-star Challenge Route located on the border of quadrants J9 and K9. It is a small, shallow valley intersected by streams of flowing snow. An aggressive Rogue Vivosaur runs in circles just outside the entrance, and will charge straight at the player once they enter the course. The fastest route is as follows. Wait for the Rogue Vivosaur to turn around and move some distance away, then slip by it and drive up the ramp on the right. Aim for the ridge straight across from the ramp and drive over the rivers of snow, carefully avoiding the falling snowballs just after the third river.

A jewel is located in quadrant L7.

Polar Lake Road (★★★)

Fossil Eater icon FFF Fossil Eaters: Carchar, Igua

Polar Lake Road is a three-star Challenge Route located in quadrant G7. It is an S-shaped ice-slicked course with two rows of protruding icicles. The Dig Site is separated by a gate, which is operated by a button nearby it. A Rogue Vivosaur lies beyond each row. Driving around the icicles, especially with the slippery ground, takes a very long time. Massive Bone Buggies are more well suited for this course than speedy ones; smashing the first row of icicles, driving through the opening between the second row and the wall and pressing the button is the most efficient way to complete the Challenge Route.

White Peak Cavern (★★★)

Fossil Eater icon FFF Fossil Eaters: Spino, Paraloph

White Peak Cavern is a three-star Challenge Route located in underground quadrant J5. It is a small natural labyrinth. Rogue Vivosaurs wait in some of the paths. The fastest route is as follows: right tunnel, center tunnel. Icy patches are not as prevalent, or at least as hindering, as they are in the other Frozen Wastes Challenge Routes, so small, fast Bone Buggies are optimal for this course. Small Buggies can squeeze past the small icicle and the wall in the tunnel immediately to the right, then shoot through the center tunnel and easily beat the Fossil Eater to the Dig Site. Waiting in the small passage leading to the Dig Site ensures the Fossil Eater will run into the player, preventing any damage that might occur to the fossil should the player be stopped too close to it.

A jewel is located in quadrant I6.

Iceberg Way (★★★★★)

Fossil Eater icon FFF Fossil Eaters: Giganto, Brachio TZ, Ankylo BO, Diplo

Iceberg Way is a five-star Challenge Route located in quadrant I11. The layout in itself is simple, but the course's unique mechanics and slippery terrain lend to its extreme difficulty. Iceberg Way is a small enclosed area with a large icy patch in the center. Stalagmite-like icicles stick out of the ground to impede movement, and a gate sealing off the Challenge Route's Dig Site is located at the far end of the course. Two Rogue Vivosaurs run around the course, weaving between the icicles in the center and the perimeter of the icy patch. Both Rogues must be defeated to open the gate. Players are recommended to bring Vivosaurs adept at attacking and Support Shots that boost Attack to quickly dispatch the Rogues. As for Bone Buggies, massive vehicles like the Rock Crusher can easily smash the icicles, whereas smaller Buggies will bounce off of them, and the Crusher's sheer size increases the chance of a Rogue running into the player. Buggies with off-road capabilities also work well for traversing the slippery ice; the Turf Shredder's above-average speed and traction make it a good choice for this Challenge Route.

Rogue Vivosaurs

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# Rank Vivosaur Element Location
010 24 Allo PT EarthEarth Medal Runs up and down the main road from E12 to G5


24 Beckles Air Air Medal Around G5 and J6
017 27 Spino ST Neutral Neutral Medal Frostbite Field
026 24 Cryo Water Water Medal Around H11 and I8, Arctic Cave
047 21 Oloro Water Water Medal Around G11 and G13
053 21 Lexo Earth Earth Medal Around I6
067 24 Ptera EU Neutral Neutral Medal Around I7, Frigid Bridge


Frozen Wastes contains Water-, Air-, and Neutral-Element fossils.

Normal Fossils

# Vivosaur Head Skill Normal Head Body Skill Normal Body Arm Skill Normal Arm Leg Skill Normal Leg
012 Cerato TZ G9, G10 G9, E10 G9, D11 G9, E10
014 Beckles J6 K6, J9 G6 K6
017 Spino ST M6 M6 M6 M6
026 Cryo G13, H13 J8, I5 H13, J5 G13, J8
047 Oloro D12, I10 D12, F13 F11, F13 E11, I10, J8
067 Ptera EU J7 I7 I7 I7

For each fossil, a coordinate or coordinates is listed. The coordinate(s) correspond(s) to the quadrant(s) in which the fossil is located. For Vivosaurs whose fossils have slashed coordinates, the fossil in question lies on the border between the two quadrants.


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Jewel Coordinates Price Range (50 - 100 pts)
Topaz I5, K7 1,925 G - 3,850 G
Ruby I5, K7 2,537 G - 5,075 G
Sapphire I5, K7 3,325 G - 6,650 G

For each jewel, a coordinate or coordinates is listed. The coordinate(s) correspond(s) to the quadrant(s) in which the jewel is located. For jewels with slashed coordinates, the jewel in question lies on the border between the two quadrants.

Names in other languages

  • Japanese: ホワイトプレース White Place
  • French: Ruines gelées
  • German:
  • Spanish: Páramo helado
  • Italian: Distese Ghiacciate
  • Korean: 화이트 플레이스 White Place


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