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Augustine Sycamore Augustine Sycamore 24 July

Post Nintendo WFC Shutdown Resources

Hello everyone! As you may know, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was shut down in 2014, making it impossible to battle online or download the Bonus Data for Fossil Fighters: Champions for the past several …

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TDD25 TDD25 20 March 2019

On Trivia Sections

This is an official announcement regarding trivia sections on pages.

Trivia sections are meant for interesting facts about the Vivosaur/Article in question. HOWEVER, they are still part of the article…

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AlphaZelda AlphaZelda 27 March 2013

Alpha's Guide to Proper Wiki Editing

I just thought I'd make a guide to proper wiki editing. You can ignore this, add to it, or subtract from it as you please. Just make sure you make a comment about it.

  • 1 The Basics
  • 2 More Advanced
  • 3 Misc.
    • 3…

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TDD25 TDD25 9 March 2013

Admin Activities

Okay, so here the Admins will post their special contributions (Not regular wiki edits) and if anyone has objections, they may reverse or change edits if given a legitimate reason. Not "i hate u cuz…

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