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Fire is one of five elements in the Fossil Fighters series. In Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions, the element is strong against Earth and weak against Water. In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, it is changed to be strong against Air, although it is still weak against Water. In Fossil Fighters, fire element fossils are plentiful at Mt. Lavaflow and Parchment Desert. Fire element rocks can be found in great numbers at Mt. Krakanak and Rainbow Canyon (Red) in Fossil Fighters: Champions. The fire symbol is represented by a red flame, and the rings around fire element Dino Medals are red. Most Fire attributed vivosaurs are in the Attack Class, or the All-Around class. Also, a majority of fire types are carnivorous.

List of Fire Vivosaurs

  • T-Rex Medal FFC T-Rex 
  • Gorgo Medal FFC Gorgo 
  • Siamo Medal FFC Siamo 
  • Guan Medal FFC Guan 
  • S-Raptor Medal FFC S-Raptor
  • Giganto Medal FFC Giganto 
  • Sopteryx Medal FFC Sopteryx
  • Nychus Medal FFC Nychus 
  • U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor 
  • Breme Medal FFC Breme 
  • Zino Medal FFC Zino 
  • Shuno Medal FFC Shuno 
  • Amargo Medal FFC Amargo 
  • Yango Medal FFC Yango 
  • Saichan Medal FFC Saichan 
  • Lambeo Medal FFC Lambeo 
  • Maia Medal FFC Maia 
  • Stygi Medal FFC Stygi 
  • Einio Medal FFC Einio 
  • Dimorph Medal FFC Dimorph 
  • Andrarch Medal FFC Andrach 
  • Smilo Medal FFC Smilo 
  • Berto Medal Berto 
  • Lagia Medal FFC Lagia 
  • Menchi Medal FFC Menchi
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus 
  • Sungari Medal FFC Sungari 
  • Machai Medal FFC Machai
  • Peloro Medal FFC Peloro 
  • Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro 
  • Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth
  • Desmo Medal FFC Desmo 
  • Dikelo Medal FFC Dikelo
  • B-Rex Medal FFC B-Rex 
  • B-Jara Medal FFC B-Jara 
  • Squirk Medal FFC Squirk

Fire Type Super Evolvers

  • T-Rex Lord Medal FFC T-Rex Lord 
  • Omias Medal FFC Omias
  • Dydomio Medal FFC Dydomio
  • Dimorph Ace Medal FFC Dimorph ace 
  • Lugmos Medal FFCLugmos