Dr. Diggins
Japanese: ホッテル博士
Dr. Hobbs
Debut: Fossil Fighters
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Teal
Eye Color: Teal
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Scientist; Fossil Fighter
Affiliation: Richmond Foundation
Signature Vivosaur: Stego mini medal Stego
Dr. Diggins is the brilliant but scatterbrained scientist who works on Vivosaur Island. He invented the revival machine, basing it off a Dinaurian stone sleep chamber he found on the crashed starship on Secret Island. He is a very important part of the Fossil Fighters storyline, often showing up at important times to give the Hero useful tips and help move the plot along. His favorite Vivosaur is Stego (though after being attacked by a Stegosaurus, he's reconsidering). He has a passion for Dino Cakes and other sweet things. He works and lives in the Fossil Center and can often be found there in his private quarters, especially post-game where he can be battled. He created Fossil Fighting and is the level five master. After the main story, he will accept Fossil Battles. He uses Allo, Stego, and Sopteryx.

When the Sub-Idolcomp sent Dr. Diggins back in time to the Jurassic Period, he traveled across Vivosaur Island to get to the crashed spaceship on Secret Island. Along the way, he managed to find time to carve his misadventures into stone Slablets, which he left scattered inside the Dinaurian Spaceship. In the order that it happened, he lost his Sandal on the trip, was almost eaten by a Tyrannosaurus (saved only by his mint soap), stumbled across a Stegosaurus and her baby, and rode a Plesiosaur half way across a lake, just to be flung the rest of the way.


Chapter 5 - Fossil Stadium:

Fire Medal Shuno

Water Medal Dilopho Air Medal Stego
Shuno Battle FF Dilopho Battle FF Stego Battle FF

Rank 1 Rank 5

LP 1 196

Attack 1 22

Defense 1 8

Accuracy 1 42

Evasion 1 7

Rank 1 Rank 4

LP 1 120

Attack 1 25

Defense 1 5

Accuracy 1 45

Evasion 1 18

Rank 1 Rank 4

LP 1 150

Attack 1 21

Defense 1 12

Accuracy 1 35

Evasion 1 10