The Digadig Tribe (Japanese: ディグディグ族 Digudigu Family) is an ancient tribe of people that reside within Knotwood Forest, right outside the Digadigamid in Fossil Fighters. The Digadigs are led by the Digadig Chieftain; all are capable of doing the hip-shaker dance, but none as well as the Chieftain himself. They wear strange blue suits, similar to those of the BB Bandits. They commonly say "diga" in each one of their sentences. This tribe is mainly responsible for making Rosie say "diga" whenever she visits their village.

Although the tribe is not present within the game, the Digadigs are still around during the time Fossil Fighters: Champions occurs. However, only the Chieftain shows up, revealing himself as Pauleen's grandfather.


  • After seeing the Hero in the Digadig Mask, it can be assumed they are human.
  • From the excavation when looking for Igno, it appears that they have went to war with the dinaurians.
  • Considering Pauleen is a human being, the "Digadig" must all be humans.