Digadig Chieftain
Digadig Chieftain


族長 The Patriarch



Eye Colour

Blue (?)

Hair Colour



Pauleen (granddaughter)

Specializes in


Signature Vivosaur



Fossil Fighters, Fossil Fighters: Champions

The Digadig Chieftain lives in the Digadig Village, of which is run by the Digadig Tribe. The Digadig Chieftain is the village's chieftain and Pauleen's grandfather. He is famous for his hip-shaker dance, which can remove ill effects such as amnesia from malfunctioned stone sleep and cast spells that make people talk like Digagdig tribesmen. Rosie is the only known victim of the talking spell. He is the protector of the Digadigamid, a massive pyramid and accessible dig site behind the Digadig Village. He is most often found in the spot directly in front of the largest central tent of the village. He only leaves this post once at the end of the game (when Rosie has amnesia or when Duna is stuck in stone sleep from the malfunctioning Stone Sleep Device).

After finishing the main storyline, you can talk to the Digadig Chieftain and pass the beginner-level hip-shaking dance to receive a Digadig Mask. If you talk to him again with that mask on and pass the advanced hip shaking dance, you get a Chieftain Mask. Go back and talk with him while wearing the Chieftain mask and complete the hip-shaker dance to get the Hip-Shaker Mask.


  • The Digadig Chieftain teaches the main character about Ignosaurus, where to find it and how it came to be in the great war between the sea and the mountains. He is also believed to have told the BB Boss about Frigisaurus and where to find its fossil as well, but it is unknown how he knew where to find either one.
  • He also makes a cameo in Fossil Fighters: Champions when he comes to save Pauleen, his granddaughter, connecting both stories together.