Defensive is a classification in Fossil Fighters. Vivosaurs in this class function as sturdy walls and have high Defense. Their attack is mediocre at best, though their skills are usually inexpensive. The Support Effects of Defensive Vivosaurs often raise one stat but lower another. Nodo is one of the best examples of a Defensive Vivosaur, with the highest Defense in the game and decent LP but far-below average Attack.

List of Defensive Vivosaurs

# Image Vivosaur Element
052 Yango mini medal Yango Fire Fire Medal
054 Kentro mini medal Kentro Air Air Medal
056 Nodo mini medal Nodo Air Air Medal
057 Ankylo mini medal Ankylo Water Water Medal
058 Saichan mini medal Saichan Fire Fire Medal
059 Goyle mini medal Goyle Air Air Medal
060 Pelto mini medal Pelto Earth Earth Medal
159 Guhlith mini medal Guhlith Legendary Legend Medal