#121: Chasmo

カスモス Chasmos



Air Medal.png Air






Mezosoic Cretaceous


26 ft. - 7.9 m. (Medium)




USA, Canada



Chasmo (カスモス Chasmos) is an Air-type vivosaur that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It super evolves into Blitzigon.

Vivosaur Information

#121 Air Medal.png Chasmo


Fossil Fighters Champions.png

An Air-type vivosaur that knows Parting Blow, Chasmo is a fierce battler when teamed with an ally that knows Law of the Jungle.


The large vents on its massive skull kept its head light.

Game locations

Game Location
Fossil Fighters Not Available in Fossil Fighters
Fossil Fighters: Champions Bonehemoth

Stats and Skills (Max Rank)

 LP 2.png 500
 Attack 2.png 66
 Defense 2.png 35
 Accuracy 2.png 50
 Evasion 2.png 16

Skills Skill 2.png Attack Power 1.png Damage FP 1.png Cost Effect
Chasmo Jab 80 60
Chasmo Combo 96 100 Rotate: 80%
Chasmo Fury 109 180 Excite: 100% Super Excite.png
 Harden --- 15 Raise Defense Harden.png
Chasmo Whirlwind --- 340 Excite: 70% (team) Super Excite.png
Parting Blow Powers up when KO is imminent.

Support Effects 2.png Own AZ

 S Attack 1.png Positive Arrow 1.png 10%
 S Defense 1.png 0%
 S Accuracy 1.png Positive Arrow 1.png 40%
 S Evasion 1.png 0%

Super Revival forms

Silver Head Fossil Silver Body Fossil Silver Arm Fossil Silver Leg Fossil Gold Fossil
Chasmo-Head.png Chasmo-Body.png Chasmo-Arms.png Chasmo-Legs.png Blitzigon Revive.png

Silver Head Fossil.png

Silver Body Fossil.png

Silver Arms Fossil.png

Silver Legs Fossil.png

Golden Fossil.png

Super Fossil Bonus.png Super Fossil Bonus.png Super Fossil Bonus.png Super Fossil Bonus.png Super Fossil Bonus.png
Super Life Points.png 520 Positive Arrow 1.png 20 Super Life Points.png 520 Positive Arrow 1.png 20 Super Life Points.png 520 Positive Arrow 1.png 20 Super Life Points.png 520 Positive Arrow 1.png 20 Super Life Points.png 540 Positive Arrow 1.png 100
Super Attack.png 71 Positive Arrow 1.png 5 Super Attack.png 66 Super Attack.png 76 Positive Arrow 1.png 10 Super Attack.png 66 Super Attack.png 86 Positive Arrow 1.png 5
Super Defense.png 35 Super Defense.png 45 Positive Arrow 1.png 10 Super Defense.png 35 Super Defense.png 40 Positive Arrow 1.png 5 Super Defense.png 41 Positive Arrow 1.png 5
Super Accuracy.png 55 Positive Arrow 1.png 5 Super Accuracy.png 50 Super Accuracy.png 50 Super Accuracy.png 50

Super Accuracy.png 38 Positive Arrow 1.png 5

Super Evasion.png 16

Super Evasion.png 16

Super Evasion.png 16

Super Evasion.png 21 Positive Arrow 1.png 5

Super Evasion.png 12 Positive Arrow 1.png 5


Fossil Fighters Champions.png

Nippono L arrow.png Chasmo/Blitzigon R arrow.png Berta

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