• DinonerdDC

    As most of you age old denizens of this Wiki may know, I have tried to make a tournament before. It was a miserable failure. So, to make myself feel better, but mostly to show that I am amazing, I would like to start a tradition: The Fossil Fighters Wiki annual Thanksgiving day Tourney. The winner will get something better than Admin rights: GLORY. The losers will also get glory, but not GLORY in all caps. To sign up, you must have the following: (I will not be participating, due to Wi-Fi issues, so I will act as a referee of sorts.)

    1. Friend Code

    2. Team Name for bracket

    3. Freetime on Thanksgiving, at about 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 6 PM Pacific, 1 PM Friday Australian (sorry Autis).

    That's about it. Hope you join. I would sincerely wish…

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  • Megalosaurusgold

    In this blog we will discuss anything pokemon related

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  • Megalosaurusgold

    Im back!

    October 31, 2013 by Megalosaurusgold

    Sorry for the long break. I was very busy with school for the past month or so and Ive been having some time off the wiki so then I could rest.

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  • Dimetrodongold

    How did-

    October 31, 2013 by Dimetrodongold

    Somehow I forgot how to access "Admin Tools." I think the last time I ever used them was last year's October. ... Well, it's not that big of as deal. Wait, it kind of is. Could anybody please remind me how?

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  • DeltaSilver

    Okay, my MC freezes when I try to enter a world, Multi or Single, whenever I use 1.7.2. I don't know why, nor have I found the culprit of the problem. I tried perfect Vanilla (redownloaded and everything), didn't mess with Super Secret Settings, all I did was lower render and a few other things. I have not tried turning the graphics down to Fast, but I'm 99% sure it won't make a difference. Help please?

    NOTE: Sorry that it's kinda off-topic of what everyone has been talking about. It's just irritating me and I thought you guys might be able to help.

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    So for my weekly blog post I am connecting strategies to the types of vivosaurs, just because you don't use the type it doesn't mean you don't have that strategy

    Air: People who are air dont have an idea of strategy, most of it is countering the opponent and improvising, they also might to use confusion too and negitive support effects to their opponent

    Fire: People who just try to overpower their opponent, they also use might use scare and positive attack effects

    Earth: People who defend their vivosaurs while FP-banking they may use counter, enrage and positive defense effects 

    Water: People who have a stratigy and do it, they use patient stratigies and poison the water stratigy differs from person to person

    Neutural: People who don't fit thes…

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    Ignore this blog if you do not have trouble with your friend code. If I missed a problem, comment.

    Check your internet connection.

    Update your DS/DSi/3DS.

    The person may have started a new game, or the code does not exist. Choose a different friend code.

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  • DinonerdDC

    Ok. We need one of these. If any Admins/Chat Mods want to change this blog, do so please.

    1. Listen to the Admins/Chat Mods. If they have a star next to their name, then they have Chat Moderator privledges. You will be kicked/banned if you do not pay attention to them.

    2. No spamming. Spam is defined as any single phrase that has no meaningful value that is repeated upwards of 3 times.

    3. No disrespect toward others. Please. If you wish to take out your anger on someone, do it in private.

    4. No Profanity. Duh.

    5. No Pornography. You will be banned. FOREVER.

    6. Enjoy yourselves, and keep the sanity level to a minumum. Nothing HAS to make sense, just don't spam.

    7. Do NOT ask for others to be kicked or banned from either the Wiki or the Chat. This …

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    I will be restarting my Pokémon games (SoulSilver and Platinum have already been restarted, Black will be next) so do NOT challenge me in a fight! Also, I am trading over my Zoruas (level 15, 3 of them) to one of my brothers until I get to a point in the game where I can trade, say, a Patrat for one.

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  • Augustine Sycamore

    Since I'm not getting very far with my Fossil Fighters: Champions fanfiction, I've decided to start a Pokemon X and Y one to maybe inspire me. Because I'm too lazy to create my own characters, I'mma ask the Wiki users to come up with some OCs for it... 

    I'll need the following-






    -Team (Please include Pokemon levels, abilities, movesets, and nicknames, if they have any!)‡

    -Relatives (optional)

    -Occupation (optional) (e.g. Pokemon Professor, Team Flare Grunt, Admin, ETC.)

    ‡Characters may not have legendary Pokemon in their teams UNLESS I approve of it. They can have as many shiny Pokemon as they like, however.

    I'mma start with mine...

    (This IS AU, by the way. OTL)

    NOTE: The first four YOUNG characters to have bios …

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  • Dimetrodongold


    October 17, 2013 by Dimetrodongold

    Alright, I finally fixed the wiki-fi on my Nintendo Dsi! And it was so easy! I won't go into too much detail about how I did it... but basically I went to the Webfor nostalgia's sake. I went to the settings to try fixing it. I tried going to Google to make sure it was working. Yes, it was! Now I can do Multiplayer stuff (for once!)... Just one thing- No, two things.

    1: ​I will NOT accept battles for the original Fossil Fighters game. Only Champions.

    2: ​I can't do Fossil Battles on Sundays and Monday's. Why? Personal stuff. Not telling.

    There. That's it. Just pointing that out there.

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  • Megalosaurusgold

    Once again my alter ego Trollodactyl has returned bringing trolling back to my inner being (note: this story is made up)

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    So those of you on chat know that i am a HUGE dino nerd and I've been wanting to do this so lets begin but first, a side note this is not spec just a want list.

    10.  Diplocaulus, now i know what you are thinking but Vivosaurs should be well known but well Tophis and Spinax are vivosaurs that before the game exsisted i did not know about them and i was delighted that RED knows about more about paleontology than T-Rex and Triceratops so some more not well known creatures please.

    9. Scutosaurus, this thing is sooooo awesome i mean this thing was armored and heavy this would be so cool.

    8.Ichthyosaurs, there has been only one and that is Shoni, not even Ichthyosaurus, the most popular and well known of that order was there i mean i could think th…

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  • Champion Lance

    Some of you may notice my new name. I'm just going to say this to anyone who doesn't know: This is NOT another alt, and I am NOT a new user. I just changed my name from Natural Harmonia Gropius to Champion Lance. That is all. Thank you for your time.

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    With sonic announced for the new Super Smash Bros game I thought to do a speculation page

    1. this is my opinion, don't riducule it though you can comment over it and i will add on your comment later
    2. This is spec and i dont know everything if I made a mistake, tell me
    3. i dont know that much about F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Metroid  because my dad didn't like Nintendo and bought a Playstation I still had a GBA though so any help would be advised
    4. I don't know that much about Mega Man because I had a playstation 2 used for mainly Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Crash Bandicoot. My GBA  was used for Pokemon mostly so same thing for #3

    these are confermed to appear

    1. Bowser
    2. Donkey Kong
    3. Fox
    4. Kirby
    5. Link
    6. Luigi
    7. Mario
    8. Mega Man
    9. Peach 
    10. Pikachu
    11. Pikmin and Olimar
    12. Samus
    13. Sonic
    14. Toon…

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    So this as the title says is my top 10 vivosaurs, you'll notice on my list that there are no special vivosaurs on my list. They aren't my favorite but they arent my least favorite also some vivos share their part with their evolved formes but my list my rules so without any further notice let's begin

    10.paraloph: this vivosaur is one of my favorite mostly because he has the same colors as my fave baseball team the A's do and the things has pretty decent stats alll around so.. yeah 

    9. chelon: This vivosaur's design is pretty cool i mean it has a map on its back and also position lock, 50 def down support effects and one of the coolest attack animations in the whole game in my opinion.

    8. tanstro: So this vivo is one of my favorite because it …

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  • Megalosaurusgold


    September 27, 2013 by Megalosaurusgold

    File:DownloadedFile.jpeg Thought this was funny and i would like to share it with you guys

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  • E4439Qv5

    Halloween is coming up, folks. I'm thinking it'd be nice to give the wiki a little... seasonal touch. So, let's have a little contest to see see who can come up with the best Halloween theme for this wiki.


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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    Hey guyes I need help for my fic PFS (Pokemon the Final Showdown) first I need fan art for each trainer and their team,  also I need ideas for last names of the trainers ideas or volunteering please put in comments

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  • Ub


    September 22, 2013 by Ub

    Like the title says FOR 1 DAY ONLY  (More Like FOREVER)!

    Ub Comes Back To His Home The FOSSIL FIGHTERS WIKI! When is this? Who Knows?

    Mabye SSundde Can Help!

    Or Mabye Even My Vivosaurs!

    File:BeFunky_null_1.jpg.jpg Ub Returns Day Logo

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    Hey guyes so i've been wanting to do this list for a long time and so here it is top ten of things i want the new game (if red makes a new game)

    5. Customization of the avatar: so look i know that game freak has finally made their avatars customizable but tecnically with customizable sonar cases and icons, Red actually did this first...technically. well the only reason this is on my list is because i want a brown avatar with black hair sooo... yeah.

    4. new abilities: look i know that abilitiesin this game aren't as useful as games like say pokemon but they are still useful (or in Hopter's case breaking a vivosaur that WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD GLASS CANNON ANYWAYS) so please sir, may I have some more 

    3. more vivosaurs that are not dinosaurs: Th…

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.


    September 21, 2013 by Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    Hi guys sorry about not being on the site for a long time, I took AP history which is really time consumeing. Well I've been trying to resurrect my fic Pokemon: the Final Showdown and i want to know how can I make it better so review here or on the site please thanks. Oh, also I'm looking for a beta reader so thanks again.

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  • Augustine Sycamore

       Lately I've been adding updated Vivosaur images, battle sprites, and descriptions to the Vivosaur pages, as well as stripping images from both the JA and EN websites for articles that don't have photos. Most of the time, just after editing something, my informational and photographic changes to the page are removed or overwritten. 

       If possible, could someone tell me what exactly I am doing wrong, and why my changes never remain?

       Kaiju- I'm TRYING to start adding descriptions THE WAY YOU WANT THEM.

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  • Dr.Clef

    My Story!

    September 11, 2013 by Dr.Clef

    For my FF Fanfiction ** Under going major changes ** 

    Name: Rick

    Age: 19 years old 

    Hight: 6 foot 2 inches 

    Weight: 200 LBS

    Personality:  Is easily irritated, strongly opinionated not always considered the kindest of people. Has a slight nicotine addiction.  


    Carries a cat named toby around with him wherever he goes. 

    Vivosaurs:  , ,

    Name: Alex

    Age: 20 years old 

    Hight: 6 foot 

    Weight: 170 LBS 

    Peronality: Very easygoing Not much bothers him , quite offten the clown of the group.


    Vivosaurs:    (shredder) ,  (Blunt)  ,  ( Hempy) 

    Name: Peter 

    Age: 18 years old 

    Hight: 6 foot 2 inches 

    Weight: 180 lbs 

    Personality: Very analylytical, Jokes occasonally go over his head. 


    Vivosaurs: , ,

    Name: Tim ( nick name is Gears ) 

    Age: 21 Year…

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  • Augustine Sycamore

    Witch Characters

    September 8, 2013 by Augustine Sycamore

    I'm looking for some characters to be competitors in the Majestic Vessel Tournament in my fan fiction, Witch. I would like members of this Wiki to create OC's to fill these positions. Nicole will face each person and ah...she'd have to win for the story to follow through.

    I'd like character appearance, name, personality and THREE or LESS Vivosaurs for them to use in the tourney. Characters for Storm's Brewing or other fics may not be used UNLESS there is something that makes them different from the original. Keep in mind that Witch is set in the far past, so Super Evolvers would likely not have been discovered/blah. Teams can include ANY Vivosaur with the exception of Boneysaurs, Zombiesaurs, the Legendary Chickens, the Dinaurian quartet, F…

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  • Ultimate Shockwave

    N and I are planning on making a Pokemon Fanfiction, so if you wish, just like on TDD25's blog, leave a character description, along with no more than 12 of your favorite Pokemon. We will eventually find somewhere for everyone's characters. We will permit ONE LEGENDARY for each person. And the same legendary shall not be used twice, and they will catch it at some point during the story. Also, please put what your starter was. It can be anything NON LEGENDARY. Also, I will not be nicknaming people's Pokemon. Sorry, but it makes it easier for us. You may have a limit of TWO SHINY POKEMON.

    ATTENTION PEOPLE: I am letting you put in another three Pokemon for a total of 15. (Mainly because I want to fit in Noivern.) So now you can add those three…

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  • Kaiju Overlord

    My Opinion

    September 8, 2013 by Kaiju Overlord

    My Opinion

    These stats are my PERSONAL OPINION on what certain Vivosaurs should have as far as stats go. This post should be taken as nothing less than an opinion. These stats are in no way official and I am in no way going to attempt and pester anyone (game developers or otherwise) to use these stats going forward. They're just what I would like to see, especially considering the upgraded battle mechanics of Fossil Fighters: Champions.

    # ?/162 Zongazonga

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    C-Pasta Fanfiction

    September 4, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    I will create a new fanfic on our other wiki (Fanfic wiki) based off of ZZ. Only instead of Zongazonga, it will be Vagnovagno (Don't ask -_-). It would take over my Aopteryx, and I would beat it using a Legendary reminiscent of a unicorn ([[1]]). It WILL be Alternate Universe than Storm's Brewing, as the character of Cahill is not well-developed yet, but even though it may (not) be earlier than SB, Cahill will probably have at least her main team (except for Aurum, which she will get with Millecent near the start of SB) by Sylvia's Storm (le title), (though Aurum will be replaced by Tryma for now.) You are allowed to make sequels to SS, except any use of Cahill and her vivos MUST be approved by me.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    This blog will thereby explain why some vivos don't have SEs.

    If you look up [[1]] and then the Forbidden Seven, you will learn how in the game there wasn't enough time to add some characters in the game, such as Mewtwo, Roy, etc. Well, what does a fighting game have to do with Fossil Fighters? Both have additions that were not added into the game. Due to a lack of time, these characters (or SEs, for that matter), were not added into the final game. Take a look at V-Raptor. You might think that the Despino design was meant to be for the raptors. But then, why was Spino added to it? Plus, V-Ripper looks nothing like a raptor, and it looks more like a Spino. There is a lack of evidence for this, due to Despino and V-Ripper being the only ones …

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  • Slifer-The-Sky-Dragon

    I'm back

    August 30, 2013 by Slifer-The-Sky-Dragon

    Hello everyone, sorry for not being on (or limitedly on). I've decided to accept any character that has been accepted in Story Development to be able to appear in The Goal of 149 Vivosaurs. (I just wanted to say that I am not adding in characters without the approval of the creator of that character so no one accuses me of doing so) I will need a bit of information on how you want your character to appear, and where your character should appear.

    Also, if you want your character to have more interactions with my character, don't be afraid to ask.

    If you want to ask me any questions, you can leave them down below, message me on my talk page, or chat with me on chat. (I will update this blog more if I think I left anything out)

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  • Augustine Sycamore

    Antar is a Long-Range Neutral-Element Vivosaur.  

    ((Images are too large to fit in infobox.))



    A massive vivosaur with massive strength, the only downside to Antar's ridiculously powerful attacks is the insane cost of FP!


    A titan whose back was covered with bony osteoderms.


    Skills Damage Cost Effect
    Aput 198 280

    Qana 250 565

    Siku 232 850 Attack AZ and SZ; 40% Team Golden Sleep
    Qinu --- 900 Revive a fallen ally with 1/10 LP
    Algidus Pandemic 301 900 Attack AZ and SZ; 10% Golden Poison 
    Halve own Accuracy when in AZ

      Own AZ

      20% Read more >
  • Cahill Cometstar

    A new vivo idea!

    August 28, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    This time, my blog post is on a new vivo idea for FF3: R-Raptor. R-Raptor is based off of Raptorrex, a smaller (relatively) version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. His super revival (R-Raptor Prince) will be another recoloration of the Lords,Kings, and Fiends.

    R-Raptor will primarily based off of V-Raptor. There will be jewels on it's spine, and the moves will be primarily prince-based (i.e. Prince's Poison)

    • R-Claw (30 FP)
    • Raptor Royalty (50% Silver Poison, 80 FP)
    • Prince's Poison (100% Gold Poison, 170 FP)
    • Super Enflame
    • Team Skill: Royal Ruin (15% Purple Poison, 320 FP)

    • The prince of poison skills, use Super Enflame and then Prince's Poison for a nasty combo that will leave enemies pulling out their hair. (Battle)
    • This vivosaur was first discovered as a juve…

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  • Proraptor715

    Any of you who know my OC, Nathan, may/may not know that his dad gave him his first vivosaur. Well, I'm planning to make a Fanfiction, and I need some ideas on what Nathan's dad's vivosaurs should be. Help is needed... er, wanted.

    (Nathan's first vivosaurs will be Aeros and Amargo. go by that if you want to.) 

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  • Cahill Cometstar
    • 1st Battle- Low LP, high stats. Knock out someone in the SZ, and ZZ's strategy may change, as one time he used Team Skills, and the second, he used lower FP moves.
    • 2nd battle- I would prefer knocking out ZZ first. If you're lucky, he may use Law of the Jungle when he's low on LP, but A Z-Rex's LP is only about half of his LP. Then the Z-Rex is only left with one LP, but save it for later. Knock out ZZ with a Super Evolver (use Lugmos or Giga Raja, because you can use Charge.) Weaken the more plentiful Z-Rex, and then knock out the second. All my teammates were knocked out on the second fight, but then again, they were Small/Medium sized vivosaurs. ZZ and Z-Rex are large. I have decided that I will use Krypto, not Goyle.
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  • Ultimate Shockwave

    Team Plasma

    August 25, 2013 by Ultimate Shockwave

    Clearly, this is not related to Fossil Fighters. I have started my own Team Plasma in real life, and I was wondering if anyone wants to join. That is all.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    Best Team Idea

    August 17, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    Hey guys. I don't really know if there is a blog policy or not, but I am giving my suggested team idea if you want to beat FFC:

    • First Try- Peloro
    • Second Try- Dimetro/Lugmos

    • First Try- Nigo
    • Second Try- Raja

    • First Try- Aeros/Teffla
    • Second Try- Goyle

    • Both Tries- Thalasso

    • Both Tries- Krypto (though the first try could have been Tophis, I forget)

    If this came into handy, comment below.

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  • Slifer-The-Sky-Dragon

    I'm going to be uploading a ton of pictures so I can show my progress of 125%ing my Fossil Rocks. I just wanted you all to know so there aren't a ton of suspicion when everyone sees a ton of pictures being uploaded at once.

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  • Doc Knock

    Where are my friends?!

    August 10, 2013 by Doc Knock

    Sooo........ I am just wondering what happened to these users. We became quite good friends and now they have left me. They are Cebalrai, Eruption of Chaos, Decepticon Swindle, Ultimate Shockwave, Fierce Algol, and 1st Australis. I can't assume anyone would, but does ANYONE know where they went?

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  • Slifer-The-Sky-Dragon

    It's been a day and no chat mods have appeared on chat (when I was around). The non-admins have been cursing on chat and I have yet to report one of them (not giving out the name bc it is pretty obvious who it is). I also want to talk to a specific admin about a important topic.

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  • Megalosaurusgold

    Ask Megalo

    July 20, 2013 by Megalosaurusgold

    Hey guys if you need help please feel free to leave questions and i will answer them. you can also leave me a message at Google+ . Profile: Anthony Salvato

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  • Megalosaurusgold

    If you'd like i will let someone make front page art. i dont like the front page beacause it is kinda bland

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  • ZanthMan

    Ok, people. Listen up.

    July 18, 2013 by ZanthMan

    I will not, repeat, WILL NOT, take requests to kick people in the chat just because you ask because you don't have the pipsqueak. I mean seriously, if you want me to KICK people ALL THE TIME for your amusement, THAT may be the reason you aren't a Chat Mod. So, from now on, if someone asks me to Pipsqueak someone in the Chat, THEY will be pipsqueaked. And if you come back constantly and ask me over and over again, i will only go as far as my very small amount of patience will take me before I get tired of it and decide to ban you.

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  • Rogue Lei

    Fossil League

    July 13, 2013 by Rogue Lei

    So yeah I found this game called Fossil League DTC, just beat it and well it's neat? Reminds me of many games; first is Pokemon with the battle style but you can only carry 5 Dinosaurs with you at once, the enemies run around like in Lunar, attacks powered up like in Legend of Dragoon and well it has the same elemental chart as Fossil Fighters. The game only has 105 dinosaurs and even less attacks everybody learns a lot of the same moves, so yeah that was skimpy. A plus their where a lot of my favorites, so I played it through. Not a bad game graphics are okay and the music somewhat good and bad. Bad guys where pretty cool wanting to destroy mankind and all the good stuff, the game is somewhat hard if you don't power level up Stakk and a f…

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  • Fossil Fighter R.B.P.


    July 11, 2013 by Fossil Fighter R.B.P.

    So i was thinking and we should put tiers for competive battles like the ones on smogon but for vivosaurs, any ideas

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  • ZanthMan

    Terrible Vivosaurs

    July 11, 2013 by ZanthMan

    I noticed that a lot of users have made blogs so people can state their favorite Vivosaurs, so I decided to go in the other direction. So.... What Vivosaurs do you guys think are terrible? I personally don't like Nasaur, Peloro, and Metri

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  • Espeon King

    Vacation on hold

    July 7, 2013 by Espeon King

    Hello,everybody.As you all know, i've been on vacation since earlier.But a little...Incedent... dragged it to a halt.Both me and Zion sprained our ankles,landing us in the hospital.How long?Dunno(Auidino).Right now,i'm typing this on my hospital bed.Zion's Playing Super Smash Flash 2 in his bed, right next to me.On the bright side...

    I'll be on the wiki more often than I used to be.

    In the comments....

    Thumbs up if you're happy about all this.Thumbs down if you think it's horrible this all happened.Leave no detail unchecked!

    My Youtube account, GigaLucario17,will be more active.I'll send some notifacations on how i'm doing from that channel.Just so you all know.

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  • Espeon King

    Going on Vacation

    July 6, 2013 by Espeon King

    Hello,people.As the title states (Derp) i'm going on vacation.Gonna be doing things  like Dorney Park's Dinosaurs Alive.Though,at least once a week, i will be on for chat.I will check my file but but that's about it.I'd be on,however,between 2:30 and 6:30,as well as 8:30 to 11:00.(AM and PM spring ridge,pa's Time Zone)Giving the circumstances,that's not a long time.Wanna catch me?Be quick-Seperior are very fast.See ya all soon! File:On_the_move.jpg On the Move.Bye,Guys(and the occasional female)!

    In the comments,leave a vote.Tumbs down for if you go against the vacation,and thumbs up if you are happy about it.

    ...i'll be on the wiki at times unconfirmed.At these times,something BAD happened to my freind,Zion,on the trip.Right now,he sprained…

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  • TDD25

    Favorite Type?

    July 4, 2013 by TDD25

    Helvian and I got into a discussion, blah, blah, and apparantly I need to prove it with a poll. Vote on your favorite type.

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  • TDD25

    COPPA Updated!

    July 3, 2013 by TDD25

    COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, has been updated. More information can be found here.

    While this does not affect any registered users or previous updates, our Wiki has been classified as high-risk of being directed to children. Again, while this does not affect either edits or users, anonymous users can NO LONGER edit or comment on this Wiki. No contributions made by anons previously will be reverted. This has been implemented in order to prevent the obtaining of a child's IP Address, as per the new COPPA regulations. I also can NOT lift this restriction, as it is not within my power.

    There are certain anons that have frequented the Wiki, and become almost like part of the community. Some have also made many helpful edit…

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  • Fossil Frenzy


    July 2, 2013 by Fossil Frenzy

    Pretty cool.

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